Moses not parting waves

It took Victor Moses a long time and a lot of dedication to eventually break into the first team at Chelsea. He had stints at Liverpool, Stoke and West Ham on loan and improved every year. But it wasn’t until Conte got hold of him that he became a consistent performer as a wing-back in the 3 at the back system Conte prefers. That system implemented after the Arsenal loss transformed Chelsea’s fortunes. It is a perfect system for Luiz who can sit in the pocket but also bring the ball out, which is most important in a 3. For Moses’ part, he was the surprise package and improved his defensive discipline in a dramatic way. Initially, he was caught ball-watching at times but grew into a player that started to smell danger and became tenacious in his defending. A vast departure from the young inexperienced winger with blistering pace but poor decision-making on the final ball. He would skip past the opposing left back and attack the space drawing defenders to him and then let himself down by shooting when a simple pass was on or passing when he should shoot. Also, he had an annoying habit of always shooting at the near post rather than improving the percentages by going across the keeper who could spill the ball into the path of a predatory forward to mop up. It would now appear that Victor’s learning curve has tilted and his equilibrium has gone too far the other way. He doesn’t skip past the left back anymore – he doesn’t attack the space anymore – he doesn’t run onto the ball sprayed out beyond the left back anymore – he doesn’t cross past the first blocker – he doesn’t shoot at the gap anymore, preferring always to aim at the legs or torsos – he is ineffective as a forward player now. He needs to be let off the leash for a game or two. He needs a frisson with danger to get him going again. His defending is still dependable but his attacking play is not a threat anymore. The ball moves out wide to him, he puts his foot on it, he knocks it to a standing still man inside, he backs up and creates an angle and the ball is given back to him, he knocks it back. Dead boring. No give and go’s – no cutting in – no running beyond the line – Dead boring. We need Moses to part the waves again and with his experience he may start to choose the right final ball. He is a quality player and still has so much potential – he has made a great student and has absorbed a lot but his attacking paralysis needs a defibrillator if he is to develop malicious intent. Let Moses’ off the leash. He can become world class if he can add a goal threat to his game.

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