Is there room for Cahill in Chelsea’s 1st eleven?

Cahill has been and still is a great servant for us. He learnt his craft from the best PL player of all time, JT. But he won’t ever be as good as JT. He won’t quite read the game as meticulously as JT. His technique won’t ever be to the level that JT’s was. Those very fine margins get found out when against the cream of EPL and further rounds of the Champions League. He is a solid defender and always carry’s a goal threat at set-pieces but he can be beaten by top class attacking players guile. He will take the bait on traps set by a smart nimble attacker like Griezmann – he will dive in – he doesn’t always stay on his feet – he can get turned – he can lose control of the ball and get red carded on the desperate lunge trying to make up for his own mistake. Cahill is a monster of a player and the type of character you want in a battle but he is at the pinnacle of his footballing prowess now and still has a chink in his armour. His game is set. He brings his best to every game but he would not be in my first eleven and I think we lack technique and supremacy of skill if he is on the field in our biggest matches. Whether, Christensen, Rudiger, Zouma or a new purchase (Van Dijk/Koulibaly) is the answer we will need to wait and see. What is certain…. Luiz and Dave are the real deal. No question.

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