THE MERCURIAL Costa is leaving Chelsea and leaving the EPL and it must feel like a betrayal that he is being ‘let go’ rather than lauded for his incredibly skilled performances since arriving at The Bridge.

There seems no doubts now that due to the ‘cold shoulder’ via Conte’s text, he now wants to return to the only Spanish Club with similar characteristics to The Blues. The Mattress Makers and the brilliant Diego Simeone will rightly welcome him back with open arms.

The historical Chelsea DNA is to battle and win against the odds. Work hard for everything they get and appreciate the value of the ‘fighting spirit’. The Espit de corps that often makes Chelsea better than the sum of their parts. To the well informed and educated life-long fans of Chelsea – they will always cherish winning ‘ugly’ to the same degree (if not more) as they do when winning with ‘flair’.

The ‘Warrior’ has always been hailed a Champion at The Bridge. John Terry is testament to how we value our players. The Greatest PL player to date, who possessed exquisite technical skills but would run through walls to earn the right to display them. Chelsea forwards down the years who have defended brusquely from the front include legends, such as, Kerry Dixon, Mark Hughes, Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink and Didier Drogba.

Our North London competitors who play in Red do not hanker for our unique ‘gladiatorial’ spirit (Tony Adam’s and Vieira being the only notable exceptions). They frown on players who ‘fight for the right to play’. They praise players who pussy-foot around and moan when they’ve been barged off the ball – who moan when they get clattered in the air – who moan when they get hurt whilst ducking out of a 50/50 challenge. They cry for the refs protection. The Arsenal wouldn’t go near Costa with a barge pole due to his prowess and ‘spoiling’ tactics. And it is a blessing for their competitors that their elitist attitudes remain despite them potentially becoming a spent force  living on past glory’s – the 21st century’s Preston North End. God help us all if they changed their passive attitude and added steel to their game by ‘grabbing’ the derided Costa and if they went a step further and teamed him up with Simeone at The Emirates.

Long live Wenger and Kronke’s business plans and pray they continue to value profit and ‘pretty footy’ over ‘winning footy’.

Costa should stay. He is Chelsea DNA, as is Conte. When the players downed tools to rid themselves of Jose it was obvious to anyone who has played up-front that Costa was ‘disgruntled’ purely to the fact that he wasn’t getting the service from the protagonists in midfield. Hazard, Fabregas and Oscar left him hanging and frustration crept into his game. They shamed the history of the Blues that year, not him. He was up for the battle.

Costa is a much better option for Chelsea than PEA or Morata or Higuain. We need to appreciate him for the job he has done for us already but we also need to stand beside him now and stop him from being ‘let go’. He is a Chelsea ‘Gladiator’ and the Chelsea faithful should recognise his attributes as those that have always matched the Club’s.

Beating the invincible Leeds United to lift the FA Cup with Osgood and Webb. Vanquishing Bayern Munich on their own turf to lift the Champions League trophy with Cole, Lampard and Drogba. These epitomises the Chelsea spirit. The DNA of a warrior. Costa has that DNA. He is a Chelsea legend.

He will repay that faith and solidarity from the Chelsea family with 25 goals next season.


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